• Pet Care Facilities

    • Cleaner, Safer, Better

    Hundreds of professional pet care facilities all around the country have made the switch to EasyTurf artificial grass and are enjoying the many benefits it provides them.

    Doggie Daycares | Boarding Kennels | Veterinarians | Humane Societies

    First and foremost, dogs LOVE playing on EasyTurf and they take to it just as naturally as they do to live grass. Dogs that are normally sensitive to grass pollen allergies enjoy EasyTurf’s allergen free advantage. An even better advantage to ALL dogs is that EasyTurf eliminates an insect environment (fleas, ticks, fire ants, etc.).

    Pet facility owners love EasyTurf because it keeps the dogs and their facilities cleaner. This saves a LOT of time (for facility staff) which now can be spent on revenue-producing measures, rather than constant cleaning.

    Your clients will also be happy that their dogs are playing on a safer and cleaner surface. Dogs will go home clean (or cleaner) than they arrived thus keeping your client’s cars and homes free from dirt (something they will greatly appreciate).

    Having EasyTurf installed is a true marketing advantage and provides an excellent return on your investment (ROI). Contact us today to find out more about EasyTurf for YOUR facility.


    • No more dead spots in your grass areas
    • No more muddy paw prints on your carpets (and furniture) or in your facility
    • No more dirty dogs to bathe constantly
    • Maintains a pleasant, safe environment for your dogs
    • Urine drains right through and feces are easier to locate and remove
    • Easy to clean and sterilize
    • No more exposure to fertilizers and other lawn chemicals
    • Helps eliminate an insect environment (fleas, ticks, fire ants, etc.)


    See for yourself what Cesar Millan thinks about our EasyTurf artificial grass in this video:

    Be sure to watch this next video comparing the drainage of our EasyTurf artificial grass (in the middle) to that of our two leading competitor’s products. Decide for yourself… which product will you want for your pet care facility? The obvious choice is our EasyTurf artificial grass.

    Check out this time lapse video installation of our EasyTurf artificial grass at the Orange County Animal Services facility: